Cheesed Off Tuesday – 11th April 2017


Here goes, there was plenty for me to choose from this week…1. Weeks go by with nothing exciting going on and then boom they’re all organised for the same day so you’ve no choice but to miss something – ultimate FOMO


Source: The Odyssey Online

2. Weather that just can’t make up it’s mind – not knowing what to wear, will I bring sunglasses, wellies, a coat…???


3. People who never answer their phone.. What’s the point in having a fancy phone if you’re never going to pick it up when someone calls??


4. ‘Influencers’ who send you on a round the world social media hunt to find out where they got that top – desperate for website visits?? not cool…

So that top I was wearing yesterday, you can find a link on my Facebook that will bring you to my blog where there;s an outfit post that has affiliate links...YOU GOT IT IN RIVER ISLAND, JUST SAY RIVER ISLAND (1).png

Anything else annoying you lot?



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