Cheesed Off Tuesday – 4th April 2017

I’m not going to lie, the sun shining as I write this made me thing that nothing has annoyed me this week, but then I remembered..

So here are the things that cheesed me off this week…

1. Finding a smashed glass of wine spilled all over the floor – Cat, you’re the number one suspect!

wasn't me cat

2. Bad Coffee – this is an all to common occurance on Dublin college campuses!

bad coffee

3. Falling for all of the April Fools articles on my Facebook newsfeed – Thank God you’re not going Icebergers!

Source: HB Facebook Page

4. People driving any more than 10km under the speed limit.. We’ve all got places to be, lets keep it moving..

Slow Driving

(I totally know my road rage is something I need to work on, I’m way too fond of a good horn beep! haha)

Have any of these things cheesed you off this week? Please say I’m not alone…



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