Wreally Great Customer Service

This is definately not something that I’d usually blog about but it’s been a while since I’v come across an online platform with good customer service yet alone great.

I was recently tasked with transcribing an hour long interview as part of one of my college assignments. I attempted to start this by listening to my phone recording and pausing it every 5 seconds to try and catch up, not a fun task at all. Two very long minutes in I decided that there just had to be a better way! Off to Google I went..

A quick Google search later and I had found what I was looking for – transcribe.really.com. I knew the features they were offering would take so much of the pain away from the process (e.g. decreasing the speed of the audio, talk to text transcription, & keyboard shortcuts to pause, play, rewind and fast forward).


But then I saw that it has now become a paid platform and as a poor student I just couldn’t justify the (very reasonable) annual fee. I noticed that the website said that they always replied to any customer emails so I decided to give it a go and beg for a free subscription! To my suprise I got a really friendly reply granting my wish – 1 free year! Just enough to get me through the assignment (& hopefully my academic life)! I was genuinely shocked at the friendly customer service. I think that these day’s businesses often ignore or fob off requests, unless they’re posted on social media and might cause them some public backlash!

Anyway, enough rambling on, I just really wanted to tell you all about this tool that has been saving me so much hassle. And to say thank you to Wreally for being the best of the best when it comes to dealing with annoying customers like myself!


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