Cheesed-Off Tuesday – 28th March 2017

*Credit for the idea behind this Tuesday feature goes to Cherry Sue for her hilarious weekly posts of things “Rustling Her Jimmies” (check it out) and U Magazine for the “Things that Got My Goat” section I turn to the back for before reading the magazine every time!

So from now on, every Tuesday, I’ll be posting some of the things that have gotten on my nerves that week! Why Tuesday you may ask? In my opinion, it’s the worst day of the week! Monday’s motivation has started to wane and there’s still soooo long until the weekend!

So let’s start with the things that cheesed me off this week…

1. People not using the subject line of an email!!! It can’t be just me who get irritated by this!


2. Foundation that just won’t stay stuck to my face (Bourjois Healthy Mix – I’m looking at you!)



3. Finally sitting down to watch Netflix just to spend an hour searching for something to watch and ending up rewatching Gossip Girl for the millionth time (I shouldn’t really complain – I love GG xoxo)


4. Having to do college work when the sun is shining (& as much as I hope I’m wrong, it’s probably not going to hang around for long!)


Meme Credit: The Daily Edge

That’s it for the things that cheesed me off this week.. Feel free to share yours with me, we all need to rant sometimes!


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