6 Best MakeUp Brushes and What I Use Them For (I’m a Zoeva Addict)

It’s time for me to admit it – I think I am a makeup brush addict, seriously! Washing my brushes is one of my favourite things to do to relax. I think my collection is somewhere around the 100 brushes mark at the moment but if I had to pick just 6 these would be it:

FullSizeRender (5)

My brush collection is made up of a few different brands including: MAC; Real Techniques; Blank Canvas; Pink Avenue; and Zoeva. But all of my favourite brushes are from Zoeva. I just haven’t been able to find better quality brushes, never mind their great value prices! I have an old set that they no longer sell anymore and the Makup Artist Zoe Bag Set.

So, my top 6 brushes includes 2 face brushes and 4 eye brushes.


FullSizeRender (4)1. 101 Luxe Face Definer – this is a large fluffy brush with a pointed tip. It is so unbelievably soft and, as with all of my Zoeva brushes, has never shed. It’s amazing for all over face powder but also for a soft difused contour or bronzing as the tip of the brush allows for quite precise application while the surrounding hairs help to make blending easy.

2.105 Luxe Highlight – this brush is like a mini Luxe Face Definer – which makes it look so cute! It is my favourite brush for highlighting using my favourite The Balm highlights. It’s small size allows for such precision to give a glowing highlight while avoiding the disco ball face look.


FullSizeRender (3)

3. 228 Luxe Crease – Amazing for giving the most difused blend!FullSizeRender (2)

4. 231 Luxe Petit Crease – I love this brush for adding brow bone or inner corner highlight, for deepening the colour in the crease, or for blending out eyeshadown in the lower lash line. It’s an all round amazing eye brush.FullSizeRender (6)

5. 234 Luxe Smoky Shader – This brush is the best for packing on colour, especially shimmer or glitter shadows that have a tendancy to leave under eye fallout. I also love to use it underneath the eye when I want a more concentrated line of shadow. For a quick everyday look I usually pack on MAC’s uninterupted shadow with this brush and blend it out with the Luxe Crease brush.FullSizeRender (1)

6. 317 Wing Liner – I’m not a fan of using gel liner and prefer to stick to a pen style liquid liner but I love this brush for filling in my brows. It is really fine and allows you to draw individual hair strokes.FullSizeRender


While I’m a self-professed Zoeva addict, are there any other makeup brush brands I should try?



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