Gel Polish At Home – The best quality (and affordable) basics!

Since I posted about my gel polish collection I have had a few questions about what is needed (and where it can be bought) for a professional quality at home gel polish kit. So here is my checklist:

Nail lamp

MelodySusie LED Lamp

I have been doing my own gel polish at home for over 5 years now and have used two lamps. Actually to tell the truth I have had three, the first one I bought online from the U.S. without realising that the voltage difference would mean the lamp would break as soon as I plugged it into an Irish plug socket! Don’t make the same mistake as me! Anyway, my next lamp was a UV lamp. It served me well for a few years but as technology evolves (and LED lamps have become cheaper) I purchased an LED lamp. I did lots of research and in the end settled on a MelodySusie lamp on a recommendation from Chickettes. I bought mine from Amazon and it worked out at just under €40 including delivery.

The Basics

The basics of your kit are — in my opinion — the most important part to spend money on. I chose Gelish as the brand I would start my kit with, so I invested in the Gelish basics. Here’s a list of what you need:

Gelish Basics
  • Gelish Nail Surface Cleanser
  • Gelish PH Bond
  • Gelish Foundation Gel
  • Gelish Top It Off

All of these basics can be bought on eBay and the store that I have bought mine from is Kaydee Cosmetics. They also have a website you can purchase from but I have found that it can work out cheaper to order from their eBay store as they often offer FREE postage! They are located in Dublin and all of my orders so far have arrived quickly (2 to 3 days) and in perfect condition!

It’s worth mentioning that I love the Gelish basics. I have found them to work perfectly with Gelish polishes but also with CND Shellac and Pink Gellac Polishes.


I have bought all of my Gelish and CND Shellac polishes from the previously mentioned Kaydee Cosmetics eBay Store. More recently, I have started to use Pink Gellac polishes — they are so hard wearing (and a bit cheaper than the other brands). It is worth subscribing to the Pink Gellac newsletter as they often offer great deals e.g. buy 3 polishes and get one FREE!

If you want some ideas of colours to start off with or to see some swatches check out this previous post where all of my gel polish collection is swatched and described.

Tools & Extras

There are a few extra things that are really good to have in your gel polish kit. These can all be purchased quite cheaply on Amazon or eBay or are usually stocked in pharmacies or beauty supply stores. For handiness, I will link each item to the Salon Services website but do shop around online for a cheaper price!

So, that’s everything you will need to do your own professional quality gel polish at home! You should be able to get everything I have listed above (with 1 or 2 gel polish colours) for under €150. Think about it: If you do your own gel polish on your hands and feet just FOUR times you will already have saved money in comparison to getting them done at a salon!

I will have a step-by-step application and removal post coming next week so make sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss it. I might even try to email out a handy gel polish checklist that I’ve made so even more reason to subscribe!

And as always, get in touch with any gel polish questions you might have and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Happy gel polishing


My Gel Polish Collection

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