Gel Polish Swatches, Descriptions & Reviews (Harmony Gelish, Pink Gellac & CND Shellac)

So today I thought I would share my gel polish collection with you all! I know I love getting to look at gel polish swatches before buying a new addition (by the way if you are looking for other colours that I haven’t swatched here check out Chickettes, who I wrote about in a previous post).

Gel Polish Collection

Here it is, my entire gel polish collection at the moment. I ordered the ring and swatch sticks from eBay a few months ago and I really love how easy they make it to see the selection and make a decision. Just to warn you, while they are very cheap, they did take about 4 weeks to arrive!

Oh and I haven’t included swatches here but I use the Harmony Gelish Foundation Gel and Top It Off. They work a treat with all of these colour polishes!

Here it goes …

Base Gel Polishes

From L to R: Gelish Sheek White, Gelish Simple Sheer, Gelish MATTE Top It Off, Pink Gellac Gold Foil Effect.

Gelish Sheek White – This is a lovely white for a soft French manicure as it’s not too stark. Sheek White is also great under bright colours to make them more vibrant.

Gelish Simple Sheer – This is a nice French polish base. Nothing too exciting here but adds a tint of pink to the natural nail colour.

Gelish MATTE Top It Off – While I love the look of photos of matte nails, I tend to prefer a nice glossy gel polish. However, I have found this to be lovely over Gelish’s Bella’s Vampire.

Pink Gellac Gold Foil Effect – This is lovely over any polish on an accent nail or two. I know I’ll be wearing this a lot coming into the festive season!

Neutral Gel Polishes

From L to R: CND Shellec Nude Knickers, Pink Gellac Nude Beige, Gelish Do I Look Buff?, Gelish Need A Tan.

CND Shellac Nude Knickers – I LOVE this colour. It’s a gorgeous peachy nude. It is quite sheer so if you’re looking for something more opaque it is also lovely layered over another neutral like Pink Gellac Nude Beige.

Pink Gellac Nude Beige – Again, a gorgeous pinky, peachy neutral. I love it on me whether I’m totally pail or covered in fake tan! 

Gelish Do I Look Buff? – This is more of a taupe neutral. Lovley polish but personally I think it lends itself better to darker skin tones.

Gelish Need A Tan – I hate to say it but this is one colour that disappoints me every time I try it. It’s just too sheer and not a nice tone against my skin colour.

Pink Gel Polishes

From L to R: Pink Gellac Pepper Pink, Gelish Gossip Girl, Gelish Pink Smoothie

Pink Gellac Pepper Pink – A really wearable pink, not too bright but a nice soft colour.

Gelish Gossip Girl – This is brighter and packs more of a punch! I love wearing this one in the summer time.

Gelish Pink Smoothie – This is the newest addition to my collection and I’m in love. A really pretty, powdery, baby pink.

Red – Orange – Green Gel Polishes

From L to R: Gelish Hot Rod Red, Gelish Tiger Blossum, Gelish My Carriage Awaits, Gelish Seafoam

Gelish Hot Rod Red – A perfect true red. Classic all year round but I know this will get a good bit of wear coming into Christmas!

Gelish Tiger Blossum – A bright summery orange, which looks particularly good with a tan.

Gelish My Carriage Awaits – This polish comes from the Gelish Cinderella Collection. It’s a gorgeous coral with subtle shimmer reflects.

Gelish Seafoam – This lovley mint colour is something a bit different in my collection. While I don’t wear it often, I do love looking at it when I do.

Berry/Dark Gel Polishes

From L to R: Pink Gellac Mystic, Gelish Rendezvous, *a layered mixture described below*, Gelish Bella’s Vampire

Pink Gellac Mystic – I get sooo much wear out of this shade. It’s similar to the Pantone Colour of the Year 2015, Marsala. Quite like the 90’s/Kylie Jenner lip colour.

Gelish Rendezvous – A gorgeous wintery berry pink. I think my bottle of Rendezvous will need replacing soon. It has had so much use!

Layered Combo – Here’s a new combination I have been loving. It’s one layer of Bella’s Vampire with two layers of Rendezvous on top. A really gorgeous wine shade!

Gelish Bella’s Vampire – Although it may look almost black here, this is a beautiful dark plum colour which looks particularly good on short nails (& with a matte top coat).


So that’s my collection so far. If you’ve any brands or colours that you think would make good additions please let me know in the comments 🙂


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