Primark (Penneys) Mini Blender Sponges

Just when I had pretty much decided that BeautyBlender’s were the only blending sponges for me I came across these beauties.

I have tried, and hated, many of the cheaper sponges out there. As much as I love Real Techniques makeup brushes, their blending sponge just did nothing for me. The same goes for the large P blending sponge which I found to be way too dense and very difficult to dampen. However, these mini blender sponges are a dream to work with, and for €2 for a pack of three they are an absolute steal.


When you first remove the sponges from the pack they do feel very dense and hard, but a quick rinse under the tap and they transform into something that feels remarkable similar to my current BeautyBlender Pro sponge.

The first image above shows the two mini blender sponges completely dry. In the second image only the green sponge has been dampened. As you can see the dampened sponge has expanded by around 50% in size and now has softer, more squishable (is that a word?) texture.

I have found so many uses for these sponges including under eye and spot concealing (with the pointed top), baking and cream contouring and highlighting. So it is really handy having the three sponges on the go to use different sponges for different shades and avoid that sort of muddy look on the skin. The sponges are small enough to give precision while blending seamlessly into the surrounding areas.

While I have yet to try the BeautyBlender Micro.Mini sponges, if they are anything like their larger counterparts, these Primark bargains will do the same job for a fraction of the price.

I have no doubt there are many more uses for these sponges (I’m thinking of trying them out for nail art next) so if you think of any please do let me know in the comments below.

Happy blending.




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